Taylor Castro opens up the conversation about mental health – just in time…

During these uncertain times, mental health becomes almost as important as physical. With what seems like the entire world preparing for self-isolation to protect our physical health, the conversation surrounding mental health becomes all the more important. Taylor Castro is making sure that, during these trying times, this is one conversation that does not fall by the wayside.


‘Girl, Afraid’ marks a step in a new direction for Castro, whose previous release, debut PURE was brilliant, and exactly what you might expect from a young girl growing up in Florida – happy-go-lucky, bright and full of upbeat pop-y hits. Of this debut, Castro says it was “still who I am but I wasn’t being honest.” Now, with the release of ‘Girl, Afraid’, Castro opens up about her experience of a mental illness which affects people the world over – OCD. 


“I had tried to stuff my OCD back down inside me and I didn’t want to write about it. I felt like I wasn’t being true and it was time to address my issues on this record. OCD presents a constant fear and paranoia, so I want ‘Girl, Afraid’ to be a comfort for people who suffer from it as I do.” says Castro.


Opening up about something which has been part of her life since she was a girl, Taylor Castro could be excused for wanting to brush it aside, under the carpet. Speaking out about something so personal could have left Castro feeling vulnerable and naked in front of the public eye. But instead, she has used her platform to prove that there is strength in vulnerability, encouraging others in her fanbase to share stories of their own mental health struggles and stories. 


This is exactly the sort of community that is called for in a time like this. We need to continue sharing stories with each other during such difficult times. Taylor Castro has paved the way for the music industry to continue to support us during times of upheaval such as this. ‘Girl, Afraid’ is the perfect example of someone finding strength in vulnerability, and giving strength to others in the process.


Taylor Castro opens up the conversation about mental health – just in time…
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