EXCLUSIVE: Sasha Siem premieres new music video for ‘Kaleidoscope’

Sasha Siem’s latest release is ‘Kaleidoscope’ – the tale of two souls crossing paths in inevitable destiny, both arriving at the perfect point in time and space to meet each other. This song is the latest release from Siem’s highly anticipated upcoming album Holy, set for release later this year. ‘Kaleidoscope’ calls to mind the vocal acrobatics of Joni Mitchell, the beatific bliss of FKA Twigs and the emotive lyricism of Sampha, whilst still managing to sound exactly like Sasha Siem.


The video, exclusively premiered right here on LOCK, is a beautiful complement to the song. It sees Siem playing amongst kaleidoscopic and fractal patterns which slowly turn into the planets and the universe swirling around her in a gorgeously psychedelic visualisation of the song’s themes of a greater power and energy at work.


Like all other songs during this album cycle, Siem adopted cutting edge musical and metaphysical research in order to enhance the listening experience, by recording her music in the Love Frequency, 432Hz. The effect of the Love Frequency is to physically relax your body, triggering chemical reactions within your systems which result in unpremeditated relaxation. It’s a way of connecting with the universe through the power of song. It’s an interesting addition and perfect complement to Sasha’s music, which already manages to sound meditative yet utterly compelling. 


Allowing the music and the video to wash over you as ‘Kaleidoscope’ plays is nothing short of a privilege. The calming of biological systems coupled with Siem’s expert songwriting skills make for a listening experience quite unlike pretty much anything else around right now. Watch the video for ‘Kaleidoscope’ below and follow @sashasiem on Instagram for the latest updates. 


EXCLUSIVE: Sasha Siem premieres new music video for ‘Kaleidoscope’
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