Stars & Rabbit share the irresistably charming “Merry Alone”

Indonesian duo Stars & Rabbit share their new single “Merry Alone”. It’s delicate sonics are irresistably charming. It’s folky guitar twangs and surf-tones offer a moment of comfort, like wrapping a blanket around you and settling down with a warm cup of tea. “Merry Alone” feels like an old, loyal friend and it’s this quality that makes the duo so inimitably captivating.

Lead singer Elda Suryani says: “At this point in time, have you ever felt irrelevant to the world around you? Disconnected. It left you a little lonely. How about knowing the truth, that you’re not the only one. Will it make a difference? To be able to see, hear and feel the loneliness of others. Will it make you less lonely? By being alone together. Will it spark a smile even a little?”

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Stars & Rabbit share the irresistably charming “Merry Alone”
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