Genevieve Miles shares the indie dreamscape “Storm Before”

With lush vocals and an indie-pop backdrop, “Storm Before”, the new single from Genevieve Miles, is a summer’s dream. The Birmingham-born artist intertwines elegant guitar riffs within a pop melody to create a burst of chilled sounds. Plus with the sultry sax addition, this track is a jazz-indie-pop hybrid that we’ve simply fallen in love with.

“This song is a special one, it really sounds like my soul,” she says. “First off, it’s a love song, but looking back at it now I’m also talking about the long cyclical process of healing. “This rain could not compare to the storm that came before last summer”: healing and growth never end and when pain randomly comes up again, even though it’s hard each time, maybe it’s a little different, a little better than the time before, cause you’ve learnt so much since then, you have so many new tools to work with and look after yourself.”

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Genevieve Miles shares the indie dreamscape “Storm Before”
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