Jada regains trust in herself with the power anthem “I’m Back”

The waters in Denmark must be magical because we keep hearing gems for all the amazing Danish artists over there. And this is no different, Jada returns with the new single “I’m Back” and it’s a pop anthem drenched in power vocals and mystique. Written about regaining trust in yourself, “I’m Back” is a vulnerable single that weaves honesty and rawness into it’s veins.

“Take it or leave it” she sings, and we’re most definitely taking it. This is ice cool pop awash with stellar production.

“I’m Back is about getting through a process”, explains Jada. “It’s about doubting yourself and losing balance and then finding the way back to yourself again. It’s also about how I relate to judgmental voices both from the outside and from within myslef. It’s a song that I’ve been wanting to write for a long time, but it was hard to describe the nuances of both taking things in and getting hit by the words and at the same time shaking them off again and not really caring about what other people think.”

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Jada regains trust in herself with the power anthem “I’m Back”
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