Stacey Jackson takes lessons from Snoop Dogg in order to be her truest self on new track ‘Flipside’

Flipside is the new track from Stacey Jackson, who just wrapped recording with Snoop Dogg on the remix of her hit track, ‘Live It Up’. Now, with Snoop’s wise advice under her belt, she moves on towards 80s nostalgia and empowerment in brand new track, FLIPSIDE.


Of the song, Jackson says, “The lyrics came to me quite quickly because it’s all about taking risks to become a better ‘you’, even when you have so many commitments in life and are being pulled in so many different directions.” 


The song captures that feeling of authenticity and determination that Stacey has shown again and again throughout her career, and changes it into a floor filling anthem, disco ball and all. Being a mum of four, it’s clear why Stacey related to the lyrics about putting herself first whilst feeling the pressure of helping out everyone around her.


Stacey Jackson has been up against her fair share of obstacles; as an older woman in the public eye, certain parts of her career have been an uphill struggle. On FLIPSIDE, she pours her self assertion and determination into every syllable, convincing us and, in the process, herself, that she’s got staying power.


Recorded in London, Stacey Jackson worked with longtime collaborator and co-writer Ramzi Sleiman, who has worked with the likes of The Overtones, LuLu, Westlife, Taio Cruz, T2 and Mis-teeq. FLIPSIDE has a deliberate 1980s pop feel, and was therefore the perfect track to use as an introduction to Stacey’s 80s nostalgia pop TV Show, Stacey Jackson in the 80s (Spotlight TV, Sky Channel 365 and Freest 500). She has also written a book about her experience with Snoop Dogg, which is due for release in Summer 2022.

Stacey Jackson takes lessons from Snoop Dogg in order to be her truest self on new track ‘Flipside’
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