Rachael Sage’s side project POETICA gives music a whole new meaning

The core of Rachael Sage’s and three-time Grammy-nominated cellist Dave Eggar’s project Poetica gives the music a whole new meaning. For some mysterious, for some soul-searching, Poetica vaults into the darkest corners of human existence while staying relevant by depicting everyday hurdles like heartbreak and self-identity. 


With the self-titled Poetica album, Sage and Eggar use the elegance of the spoken word and jazz music to bring a new form of expression to life. Sage says: “It’s a very spiritual process for me, and I usually learn something after the fact, once each poem is written.” 


As much as originality is more than welcomed in the surplus of music the internet exposes us to every day, Poetica reaches a new level of uniqueness and vulnerability. The one song that sticks out is ‘Beginning,’ as Rachael Sage uses her distinctive voice to narrate the frustration of never being satisfied and always wanting more. 


The opening track, ‘Unconditional,’ truly encapsulates the understated power of unconditional love that the world is longing for. As well as ‘How Songs Are Born’ delves into what happens when two strange kindred spirits meet. 


A more recent announcement in the world of Poetica is its partnership with BEATFREEKS, an agency giving young people a voice and a chance to come out of their shells on their own terms. Rachael Sage adds, “I am delighted to have been asked to be an ambassador for BeatFreeks, who are doing exceptional work enabling diverse youth to have their voices heard in creative as well as corporate spaces.”

Rachael Sage’s side project POETICA gives music a whole new meaning
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