Allegra spells it out for us with ‘If You Wanna Love Me’

Sorry, what’s that you say? You wanted an audience with the rising princess of pop? Well, you’ll have to get in line. You’ll also have to comply with a certain set of rules, the kind Allegra lays out in new disco stomper ‘If You Wanna Love Me’.


Feminism? Check. Floor-filler? Check. But if that wasn’t enough for you – collaborating with one of the hottest names in electronic music is another task Allegra can tick off her to-do list. None other than Kiss FM’s DJ Majestic comes on board for a riotous rendition of the anthem, filling it with more infectious energy than seems possible.


DJ Majestic is one of Kiss FM’s biggest pulls, and an unwavering champion of Allegra and her empowering pop tunes. Majestic is known for his outside-the-box remixes, like ‘Rasputin’, which has over 250M Spotify streams, or his Tik Toks which pay homage to the almighty Ministry of Sound in a part-club night, part-nostalgia trip, part-history lesson video. 


Working with Allegra is a testament to her potential as a future household name of pop; collaborating with one of the biggest names in UK EDM is only the beginning. 

Allegra spells it out for us with ‘If You Wanna Love Me’
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