Someone shares the dreamy acoustic single “Strange World”

Dutch-British musician, producer and visual artist Tessa Rose Jackson, aka Someone, shares the new single “Strange World”. With its harmonious acoustics and featherweight melody, the track elevates Someone’s vocals to a psych-pop height to craft a single dripping in intimacy and surrealism.

I couldn’t stop playing it and in my mind the image started to form of a vast outstretched beach. Deserted, but for one person. This is her place; this is where she keeps returning to. But it’s not real. And so the story started to take shape. The song is about stepping back into an old, fond memory. And though it welcomes you in every time, the more you revisit it, the more you begin to realize how much things have changed. It becomes a reminder that nothing is constant, not even you.”

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Someone shares the dreamy acoustic single “Strange World”
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