She Drew The Gun fight for women’s safety on “Cut Me Down”

Mersyside-favourites She Drew The Gun share their new single “Cut Me Down”. Filled with electric guitar rhythms and Louisa Roach’s incredible vocals, the track is a powerful ode to the fight for women’s safety. It’s a track harnessed with an important message while turning a protest song into a exciting psych-pop number.


Louisa says: “Resisterhood continued. Inspired by the Las Tesis protests in Chile which brought a new level to the idea of a protest song, where hundreds of thousands of women took to the streets and sang ‘The Rapist is You’. The police, the government, the judges, the system was not designed to look after womens’ rights and it still does not, so I will have to fight ‘Deeper, faster, harder, cheaper, stronger, further smarter’ just to get even with you.”

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She Drew The Gun fight for women’s safety on “Cut Me Down”
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