Single Review: Carousel Horses By Aadae

Meet Aadae, the afrobeat powerhouse set to blow you away with her new single, Carousel Horses. Following a busy summer on the festival scene where she performed at Green Man and Latitude, the release of her new single on October 23rd has been highly anticipated by those who have seen her on the road.

Influenced by afrobeat and her Peckham upbringing spent with family and dancing to UK garage, her sound has been described by The Observer as “uplifting power-pop”. Aadae brings a new tone to the UK music scene taking some inspiration from her Nigerian church, which can clearly be heard in her new track.

Carousel Horses was inspired by a previous relationship and the circular repetition of going round and round through day to day life. Aadae questions why she wasted so much of her time stuck in a monotonous cycle and how she willed to break free: “It’s like you are riding a burning carousel with no pause button…I guess it’s always fun in the beginning but then eventually all the lights burn out”.

The story told through the lyrics paired with Aadae’s soulful voice sets for emotive listening. The gospel influence from her youth spent at church is recognisable in the backing vocals, a harmony of voices which glide with Aadae’s to create the impression you too are stuck on the endless carousel.

Carousel Horses is a brave bite of reality, an introspective search for something more.

With her cool style and unique sound, Aadae is on her way to bring a fresh take on the music scene. We’re certain that Carousel Horses will earn her some new fans, and we’re excited to see where her distinctive sound takes her.

Listen to Carousel Horses by Aadae below.

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Single Review: Carousel Horses By Aadae
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