Album Review: First Flower by Molly Burch

A year and a half ago, Molly Burch’s debut album Please Be Mine, found the Austin-based singer-songwriter producing a collection of tracks that focused on the aftermath of a breakup.

Now, however, Burch – with her effortless vocals – is back with her second album, First Flower, and this time she’s tackling sexism within the music industry and speaking openly about her own mental health. 

The album uses an intense combination of apprehensive confessions and wondrous thoughts as a way to communicate sense and worth. And almost instantly, Burch’s jazzy, jangle-pop sound is recognised, as she sings “why do I care what you think?” on opening track ‘Candy’ – a track on which her gorgeous vocals sound compellingly unique.

‘Wild,’ the second song of the set and the first single taken from the album, sees Burch expressing her admiration for her “baby” with a spectacular, octave range. Revealing her own desires and worries, she sings in the chorus “I wish I was a wilder soul.” And this sentiment is echoed again by Burch on the following track ‘Dangerous Place’, where she further communicates her concerns with the listener as she painfully states, “I hope I forgive myself someday” and “constantly dreading what is real.” 

Further into the album, on the brilliant and vintage rock ‘n’ roll jolt of ‘To The Boys’, Burch voices her emotions with a feminist message. Painting a picture of an audience of men gawping at her from the viewpoint of a female artist who has little to no interest in entertaining them, Burch sings “I don’t need to yell to know that I’m the boss, that is my choice, and this is my voice, you can tell that to the boys.”

Whilst First Flower acts as a platform on which to reflect on serious issues revolving around women in music, as well as her own mental health, this extraordinary album also shows Burch’s growth as an artist and a vocalist. And with an sonically eclectic mix of Jazz, Country, Old School Rock ‘n’ Roll and Americana, Molly Burch has created the ultimate masterpiece.

Featured Image: Kelly Giarrocco

Album Review: First Flower by Molly Burch
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