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Q&A: Na7halie Sade

Na7halie Sade is a new pop/R&B artist, who excels in not only music but the fashion and beauty industry. LOCK spoke to the Zambian born, beauty ambassador and artist.

Hey Na7halie, thanks for chatting with us, tell us about how ‘I Can Tell You’ came about? Must of been fun collaborating with Romzy on it.

Hey thank you for chatting with me!

“I can tell” was so fun to create it kind of just came about as we were vibing in studio, Romzy is so easy to work with and bounce off of, we actually had a whole different chorus at first lol but changed it later, Jbidz our producer gave us such a wavy beat we had loads to work off.

You’re in the studio with the producer Rymez at the moment right? He’s noticeably worked with Stefflon Don and Drake; so it must be pretty exciting!

Yes!! Rymez is actually the first producer I got to work with when I moved here he’s from Zimbabwe which is right next to Zambia so we have such a great vibe in studio he’s super talented and makes it so comfortable to create freely – my first two singles are produced by him I got to play with my languages in my music.

You performed at Reading and Leeds festival this year, can we expect more live shows soon?

Yes definitely, performing at Reading and Leeds was massive. Especially for an up n coming artist like me. I’m so excited about everything that is to come and look most forward to getting to perform a lot more and connect with people who can hear my music and vibe with me live! My next show is with the grlgang crew in Shoreditch this November! Check my socials to see any upcoming shows: @Na7halisade.

You’re part of many campaigns such as Vodaphone South Africa and Missguided and now also a Marc Jacobs Beauty Ambassador. Do you prefer working on music or the media campaigns you’re a part of?

I honestly enjoy every aspect of my job and what I get to do it’s very demanding but feeds my passions,The campaigns and modelling tap into my love for fashion and and Beauty but my love for music is much deeper my Mom is a singer in Zambia so it’s a connection I have with her plus music allows me to express myself like nothing else can,I get to tell my story aswell as others and touch people in a much more personal way.

Who would you like to collaborate with and why?

Hmmm…my first ones are not alive anymore I would have said Michael Jackson or Aaliyah but we will have to do that in Heaven lol.

I’d love to work with Burna boy, alicai Harley is super dope, Jcole,Dua lipa,J balvin,Ddb, Octavian …I have so many I love to work with other creatives there are so many upcoming artist that are so wavy.

2018 is coming to an end, any personal highlights of the year so far?

Definitely getting to perform at Festivals in England and in Cyprus that was a first for me, it was so many people but watching them vibe was so dope. Also getting to watch other artists that I look up to and learn so much already looking forward to next year!

But also it’s been a lot of artistic and personal growth and each stepping stone is a new highlight.

Tell us one fun fact about yourself that not many people know…

Haha hmm, I speak English French and Spanish fluently!

Finally, what’s next for Na7halie Sade?

Take over the world and show it some Na7 loving lol, you can definitely expect a lot more music and shows, but also I enjoy being artistic in so many ways so it’s about to be a busy/fun year and I’m looking forward to it!

Listen to ‘I Can Tell You’ below.

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Q&A: Na7halie Sade
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