Q&A: Soccer Mommy

Meet Sophie Allison, aka Soccer Mommy. She may only be a 20-year-old from Nashville, but the singer-songwriter is taking 2018 by storm. Lock Magazine spoke to Sophie Allison, to discuss her latest album Clean, her musical journey so far and more.

Hi Sophie! Your fans know you by the name Soccer Mommy. How did the name come about?

Sophie Allison: At first, it wasn’t like a career or anything like that. Soccer Mommy was originally my Twitter name and I just started posting stuff online and thought it was funny. Then it kind of ended up being my band name just like that.

When did you first discover that music was the career path that you wanted to take?

I wanted to be a musician since I was like five, that’s when I started to write songs, even though they were pretty bad!

Oh wow! So, who were your musical inspirations back then and who still are?

I don’t know, it’s hard for me to say! I don’t really look at a band and think “I want to make that kind of music.” But the people that I listen to and love a lot are, The Velvet Underground and Springsteen. I’ve loved Avril Lavigne since I was a kid – a lot of those early-era kind of pop stars. Also, The Smiths and Pulp were the bands that made me want to start making music.

You first started to record your songs in your bedroom. When you were uploading the tracks online, did you ever think that you would become as successful as you have?

No, definitely not. Originally, I thought it was a good chance for me to explore the production behind making a track, because I had and still have an interest in audio engineering. Even now I record songs that I write and later add the guitar and stuff like that. But generally, I thought that putting my songs online was a good way to make something of them.

Your studio album Clean was released earlier this year. What was the process of making the album and what were the inspirations behind it?

It was inspired by my life, but it’s stuff everybody can relate to. For example, feeling lonely or going into new relationships and thinking about how you want to be as a person. The entire process was great, and the producer was awesome. We did the basic tracking and instrument recordings in the studio, just to get the start-up of the songs, and then the rest was done at my producer’s home studio. It was all really chilled, and I really liked the fact that my ideas were put first.

That’s cool! What did you enjoy the most when making Clean?

Probably the producing side of it all, when each track was being put together. Hearing the final product was way better than I could have ever imagined. I also really enjoyed throwing my ideas out as well. It’s all about the little things.

Amazing! Your work seems to have paid off because on Spotify, you have an average of 720,587 listeners a month! How does that make you feel?

It’s strange because I don’t really think about it this way ever. I mean obviously I want it to do well, that’s why I keep making music. Sometimes I wonder if people hate it, but I don’t think about whether people actually like it. It’s not really what matters to me, it’s more about whether I’m happy with the music that I make.  

In the summer you supported Paramore on tour. How did it all happen!?

I don’t know how that happened! My agent just got it and I was so excited!

You’ve also been keeping busy and toured the UK in September. How does it make you feel that your music is reaching a global scale?

I mean it’s cool and really unexpected! Like I said before, I never really think about people listening to my music and when I play these shows, I never really know how many people are going to turn up, unless it’s sold out. When a show is sold out I’m like “you really brought tickets to see me?” It’s hard to perceive. I guess it’s a bit like if you’re a fan of an artist, you kind of know the process of the growth in their career, but when you’re the artist, you have no idea how many people are listening to you!

What are you most looking forward to in your upcoming tours?

Getting better performing live and learning how to become more professional in my career. I think right now, I’m getting to a point where touring is becoming my career and there’s still so much room to grow.

What has been the highlight in your music career so far?

Hmm. Maybe headlining a New York show at Elsewhere, which was bigger than any other venue that we’ve played in. It was really cool because it was sold out, so there were a lot of people. It was a really good night!

Is there any advice that you would give to anybody who is looking to start a career in singer-songwriting?

Just go for it. Make something that you like and if it’s really good, it will eventually catch on. You don’t have to have connections, but if you make something that you are proud of, send it off to record labels.

What can Lock readers expect from Soccer Mommy in the coming years?

I’ve already started writing a new album, but who knows how long that will take though. I’m also doing a lot of tours.

Soccer Mommy opens for Kacey Musgrave tonight at Wembley Arena. 

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Q&A: Soccer Mommy
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