SINGLE REVIEW: ‘Act One’ by Greta Jaime

‘Act One’ is the recently released single taken off North London newcomer Greta Jaime’s forthcoming EP of the same title.

The track has a glossy yet DIY pop production, with a memorable hooky chorus which you’ll find yourself humming along to within a couple of listens.

Despite the polished sheen of the production, it is not all synth and programmed drums. The track’s verses are held down by a progression of echoing guitar arpeggios as Greta details a complicated relationship with her full bodied vocal.

There’s a nice use of dynamic with the drums dropping out for the first pre-chorus before snapping back into the mix with more urgency than before, grooving along for the chorus.

This dynamic interchange between song sections continues throughout the track, with heartbeat pulses and varying rhythms building the track up and down before bringing you back in to the familiarity of that melodic ear-worm chorus.

More vocals are layered in to the middle eight before a final chorus and a brief but effective guitar hook play out the final bars. 

Keep an eye out for the EP dropping on the 12th of November where Greta explores the theatre metaphor further as “it felt like a fitting way to capture the drama in relationships that often lack honesty”.

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SINGLE REVIEW: ‘Act One’ by Greta Jaime
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