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Sharing her latest EP ‘Sad Girl Syndrome’, pop singer-songwriter Hedara is on the rise. With an array of support so far and including Jo Whiley & Dermot O’Leary as fans, Hedara’s music offers comfort and sad-pop anthems. We had a quick chat about the latest release, graduating the Brit School and what’s next on the agenda.

Hey Hedara, you recently released your new EP ‘Sad Girl Syndrome’. How do you feel now it’s out in the world? Is it a long process for you from writing a track to releasing it?

Hey! I feel really grateful to have a new body of music out in world with everything that’s going on. It’s really heartwarming being able to share music and getting such a great response. I usually write a bunch of songs, get them into demo form, and then decide what’s gonna work as part of my next release and turn those demo’s into actual songs. I try and get working on stuff ASAP, and now because of lockdown etc I can work a lot more remotely which has been tons of fun and pushed me to get better at recording/producing etc.

The EP is really gorgeous and delves into an array of emotion, where do you draw inspiration from the most?

Thank you! So glad you’re enjoying it. My biggest inspiration is life, and all the highs and lows of it.

You graduated from the Brit School – what’s the one piece of advice you took from there that you still use today?

The best piece of advice came from one of my tutors who said “there’s only one of you, so be the best version of yourself because everyone else is taken” and I just loved that. I try and apply in all areas of my life but it plays a huge part in my creative musical process.

You were supposed to be supporting Hannah Grace on tour last month which has now been postponed until next year, are you excited to perform live again?

I am SO excited. Performing is like the cherry on top of a cake when it comes to music. I love writing and creating, but it’s such a huge high being able to gig, vibe off an audience and hear people sing your songs back to you. The first time that happened I was totally mind blown.

What’s the one venue that you really want to perform at?

I would really love to play Shepherds Bush Empire, its just down the road from me and such an iconic venue. I past it countless times as a kid and it’s always been on my bucket list.

And finally, what’s next for Hedara?

There’s a ton of new music in the works for 2021- lots of solo material and a couple collabs in the works that I’m very excited about, and hopefully, I’m keeping fingers and toes crossed, I’ll be able to do some live shows aswell!

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Q&A: Hedara
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