SINGLE REVIEW: ‘Angel’ by Jacqui Siu

Beginning with a tinkering reverb-laden stereo synth, ‘Angel’ by Jacqui Siu slowly sinks you into the dreamy underworld of a distant soundscape. 

The track gradually adds to the simple programmed drumbeat with gentle waves of chordal sounds before simply plucked guitar lines pick up in sync with a burst of energy from the beat, leading  the listener by the ear into this alternate reality. 

The vocal repetition in the chorus presents a sense of longing and is almost hypnotic before a soaring note takes you by surprise and then slowly descends you back into the cloud level cruise of the verses.

These final star touching highs of the second chorus carry on into outer space, an interstellar falsetto meandering with layered vocals creating an ever expanding sense of space before returning back to the hypnosis of the chorus.

Closing with chorus heavy guitar, the track slowly brings the listener back into the real world after a journey through the night time wants and wanderings of Jacqui Siu. 

Angel will be released on November 27th 2020

SINGLE REVIEW: ‘Angel’ by Jacqui Siu
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