SINGLE: ‘Golden Lies’ by Lillian Blue Makin

‘Golden Lies’ is the third single from 18 year old alt Hip Hop rapper Lillian Blue Makin featuring Dean Visser and Mighloe.

Opening and closing with the tweeting of birds recorded after a sleepless night, ‘Golden Lies’ centres in the hypnotic space between a repeating two chords  prgression.

Starting with an ominous guitar line and soulful vocals to move the track forward.

A choppy, tripping percussion track puts a lazy, feet dragging, snagging,  head bobbing bedrock to an intimate rhythmic rap, with slowly building brass parts and guitar lines tinkering away left and right.

Haunting vocal lines overlap, washing in and out of each other before the track drops to a repeating series of melodic lines, the double bass sliding around a warm and delicious melting pot of sonic sauce.

Building up layer by layer, lick by lick until we are dropped back into the beat with a repeating vocal phrase and a final rap which leads to a full bodied yet chilled finale of brass, guitar, percussion and vocals.

This is an addictive song which seems structurally to turn this way and that, with little hints hidden in the mix of a variety of influences and styles, yet it is cleverly grounded in that lazy swinging back and forth of the two central chords.

‘Golden Lies’ is out now.

SINGLE: ‘Golden Lies’ by Lillian Blue Makin
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