SINGLE: ‘Victory’ by Ciara Vizzard

Within the first few bars of American-Irish artist Ciara Vizzard’s newest release ‘Victory’ I thought I was in for a traditional folk singer-songwriter style song.

However it soon became clear that there is an embrace of genres here, with pop sensibilities being married to an emotional folk undercurrent.

Opening with plucked acoustic arpeggios and a military brush snare beat, the track soon surprises with more polished sampled percussion and chordal pianos layering to the fore.

Ciara’s vocals are strong, meandering emotionally through the verses, dropping tantalising falsetto notes here and there before a call and response chorus which melodically is reminiscent of golden era RnB.

However, it should be noted that whilst there is this nod to the past, the production and space in the chorus feels exceptionally modern, a slow chill groove through a texturally open space.

It feels a bit like drifting alone in the dark across a huge underground lake, the reverb cracks of the snare leading to a middle eight featuring layers of soft sonics building with callbacks of the plucked acoustic guitar moving across the stereo soundscape.

As the final chorus drops back in, the arpeggios gradually bring the track to a close, with a final few bars of atmospheric piano and vocals bringing a gentle stop to the musical trip. 

Following on from three previous singles and an EP, ‘Victory’ is a great step forward for the London based artist Ciara Vizzard.

‘Victory’ is out now.

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SINGLE: ‘Victory’ by Ciara Vizzard
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