ROUND UP: Sound City Ipswich

FROM mosh-pit inducing guitar riffs and indulgent saxophone solos, to delicate displays of vocal perfection and energetic raps, Sound City Ipswich had it all.

The multi-venue music festival saw more than 800 gig-goers indulge in what was a sterling showcase of eclecticism across four different performance spaces.

The talented line-up, oozing with a multitude of genres, boasted fantastic female musicians, including the likes of three-piece pop trio Peaness, trumpet player Emma-Jean Thackray, and producer and wordsmith Lex Amor. 

Over on the festival’s outdoor stage, Swimsuit Competition – fronted by ferocious mouthpiece Amber Scott – shook the crowd to the core with brazen and muscular musical punches. 

The Essex quartet also had one of the event’s standout tracks locked and loaded within their artillery. 

‘Honey’ blasted out of the traps with thumping drums and staccato guitars. The passionately articulated chorus refrain of ‘‘she tastes like honey, stings like a bee,’’ made for an instantly memorable track.

Performing at the Corn Exchange – the sonic extravaganza’s largest venue with a 900 capacity – Bessie Turner combined tender vocals and elegant guitar sounds.

As her ever-likeable personality instantly won over the crowd, Bessie oozed a genuine feeling of shock as she gazed at the large turnout. 

The slightly beefier, alt-rock jaunt of 2017’s ‘Words You Say’, was an unsurprising highlight and reverberated as convincingly as it does on record. 

But the singer songwriter’s newer tracks, all draped in complimenting instrumentals and pleasant melodies – such as those found on ‘Carry Me Home’ – also delightfully pricked the ears. 

Bassist Catherine Lindley-Neilson of Gaffa Tape Sandy

The cramped and chaotic, cube-shaped Smokehouse, overflowing with sweat-soaked bodies, hosted Gaffa Tape Sandy. 

Ferocious, but fun, the powerful three-piece stormed through an uncompromising set of heavy strikes with refreshing twists.

The melody mirroring beat of ‘Headlights’ pushed and pulled, as two-syllable backing vocals, courtesy of bassist Catherine Lindley-Neilson, neatly led guitarist Kim Jarvis into every lyric.

Mosh-pitting and crowd-surfing adolescents caused glorious and exciting pandemonium throughout the hailed band’s performance – an energy that was reciprocated by the rockers onstage. 


ROUND UP: Sound City Ipswich
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