Katie Kittermaster stuns on Lucy Spraggan tour

Women supporting women is always great to see in this day and age – maybe we’re finally moving past the notion that we need to claw at each other during our climb to the top. But Katie Kittermaster supporting Lucy Spraggan on her tour of the UK and Europe is a beautiful example of women working together to create something special.

Katie Kittermaster is a bright young talent who is new to the world of singer-songwriters, and has been balancing a blossoming musical career with finishing her A Levels – no small feat. 

Her songs are the brave and intelligent explorations of someone experiencing love for the first time and she will no doubt provide a voice for a generation of fans who will be grateful to have a role model put these difficult emotions into words and music for them.

‘Sunday Afternoon’, her debut single, is an ode to the sort of healthy relationship which means that lying on the sofa in each others’ company is the perfect activity, no more, no less. It’s a beautifully youthful and honest song, something which will no doubt breathe a breath of fresh air into the charts upon release.

The track is taken from her forthcoming debut EP, Coming Home at Dawn, which will be available everywhere from 1st November.

Listen to ‘Sunday Afternoon’ below.

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Katie Kittermaster stuns on Lucy Spraggan tour
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