Mauwe release progressive new EP built from frustration

Mauwe is an electronic pop project fronted by Portia, an art curious young talent that shares the role of songwriter, as well as delivering lead vocals for the duo. Currently residing in the creative hub that is Bristol, Mauwe is known for their dream-pop debut, ‘That’s All’. From an EP, aptly named the Art of Letting Go, each track takes you on a journey along a narrative of self-discovery and loss.

After being catapulted into the watchful industry eyes, Mauwe had some time to reflect on their sound and grow towards their second EP. This year, the duo have been building towards a moodier facet with the ‘Art of Sitting Still’. Each track oozes sophisticated appeal that’s been refined through their growing years of live performance. The EP has seen the pair call upon unusual instruments such as a microwave and a wine glass to execute their unusual pop-tinged sound.

The Art of Sitting Still boasts intelligently-placed lyrics that waver between playful, assertive, feisty, and sometimes hard-hitting. Purpose-built for a society of busybodies, Mauwe has drawn upon our obsession with everyday life for their most recent body of work. They’ve somehow captured the terrible tendency technology encourages to forget significant moments of stillness in between.

Listen to The Art Of Sitting Still below.

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Mauwe release progressive new EP built from frustration
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