SINGLE REVIEW: ‘Let This One Be Mine’ by Izzie Derry

‘Let This One Be Mine’ is the latest release from exciting new-folk and country prospect Izzie Derry.

The track opens with warm finger style acoustic guitar swaying between two melancholic chords.

Izzie sets the scene of longing with her distinctive vocal through the first verse (“sitting here, waiting for you is like trying to remember the things I never knew, it just wont do, holding on to all the little words you say and hoping that today’ll be the day, you’ll come my way’’).

Hints of bass and percussion creep into the tension building pre-chorus before some delicate keyboard and electric guitar expand the soundscape through the chorus.

As the song progresses there is some subtle yet nicely done lead guitar work, and in fact the same can be said of all the instruments in the track.

Each part allows adequate room for the others, whilst choosing the right moments to pop out with a melodic run down or tasteful slide, demonstrated well on the keyboard-focused interval after the second chorus.

‘Let This One Be Mine’ is a cosy, nostalgia-inducing, ear-worm of a song which should be part of your soundtrack as we move into windy autumn nights spent round pub fires and sofa day Sundays.

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Featured image by Lightspark Photography.

SINGLE REVIEW: ‘Let This One Be Mine’ by Izzie Derry
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