Q&A: Roxx Revolt

ROXX REVOLT AND THE VELVETS are already causing a stir. Hailing in what is sure to be one of the defining stadium rock bands of the 21st century, SUPERSONICA GIRL is the promise of things to come – glitter, riffs and mischief; rock ain’t dead quite yet. We caught up with lead singer Roxx Revolt to find out more…

Hi Roxx! Lovely to chat to you today. How’s studio life treating you?

Hey, likewise! Studio life has been interesting, it is very demanding but also very rewarding, everything is coming out just fine… So I guess it is treating me good! Luckily 😉

What can we expect from your debut album?

Well it is very hard to respond to this because music and its intention could be something very subjective, but I can tell you this: expect a group of songs that are suitable for lots of moods, and that for sure these are songs you would want to really listen to, nothing to play in the background.

What album can you not get enough of this month?

I’ve been listening to  “x” by INXS a lot!

How do you find connecting to your identity as a woman whilst working in a rock band? What are the best and the worst parts?

I never thought of myself as a woman or a man working on music, it was just me, I guess it clicked further along that I had a certain point of view that was a little different than my band members, and that I had to be louder to be heard. The good part is having that perspective and that extra sensitivity to some subjects also gives you the power and drive you develop from it… Worst part is that rock has always felt like a boys club and when you are a girl navigating in it it feels like you have to prove you’ve  got the balls and the strength to manage most of the things that for you were easy to manage in the first place, but for some reason a group of people was expecting you couldn’t do from the get go. It is very rewarding at the end though.

If you weren’t a musician, what would you be doing?

It is hard to even think about that, I’ve been doing music all my life, I guess I would be doing something artistic for sure, I really enjoy acting, so I’d be acting or dancing… Would probably end up in a musical so we are back to square one!

And finally, the most important question. What do you prefer – dancing or headbanging?!

Dancing 100%. I’m not a headbanger at all!! It sounds weird but I cannot manage to head bang to songs, it is always a hip and feet thing!!

Roxx Revolt & The Velvets explode with SUPERSONICA GIRL! Check it out below…

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Q&A: Roxx Revolt
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