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As a connoisseur of indie bops, Liverpool’s Zuzu has quickly made a name for herself as an inspiring creative. With her debut album, Queensway Tunnel, being released today, it’s an exhibition of work that continues to prove her rawness within the indie sphere – something that solidifies her brash sonics and weaves it with that hometown pride we hear in her lyricism. We sat down with ZuZu to discuss lyrics, Lizzo and The Sims.

Hi Zuzu, welcome to LOCK! It’s great to get some time with you. Firstly, for new listeners, could you describe your sound to us?

Scouse girl giving mildly aggressive advice in the form of a pop song with distorted guitars and fun boots.

Are there any artists that have inspired your music? We’ve heard you’re a fan of Lizzo…

I love Lizzo!  I just think we should have her rule the world and be done with it. I’ve always been heavily inspired by Taylor Swift and The Arctic Monkeys in equal measure. Taylor for her storytelling and Alex Turner for being unapologetically northern. I’m a huge Bright Eyes fan and also a huge Cardi B fan so you could say I like to keep it varied haha. I think most people are the same way these days right?

Your debut album Queensway Tunnel is released in November.  Tell us about the album, what inspired it and your experiences recording.

How long have you got? haha. This is my first album so it’s a proper mix of my whole life experiences up until now. There’s songs on there I wrote when i was 18 and some I wrote just a few weeks before we send the record to be mastered. There’s songs about addiction, the environment, birthdays, love, betrayal and everything in between.

Some of the tracks on the album are super catchy, we’ve had The Van Is Evil on repeat. What is your favourite song on the album?

The Van Is Evil is defiantly up there! It’s one of the weirdest on the record and i’m here for that. I think Queensway Tunnel might be my favourite just because of how it was written. It kind of just came to me in a flash and it was done in 10-15 minutes so when I hear it now it almost feels like it came from someone else. I like that about it. It’s the song I have the most perspective on. Hard to say though cause i change my mind all the time!

At LOCK, we love that the tracks on Queensway Tunnel are really relatable. We are particularly a fan of the lyric, “that was a dick move” in ‘Lie To Myself’. Is it important for you to write songs that your generation can find meaning in?

I’m not sure really. I think i probably mix those kind of lyrics up with enough random old sayings I get from my mam and dad to counteract anything else i’m saying that might be considered cool haha.

We’re OBSESSED with the fact you released a re-worked version of your song ‘How It Feels’ for The Sims, in Simlish (the language of The Sims). How did this opportunity come about?

To this day I’m still not exactly sure how it happened but i’m so glad it did. I’ve always been a HUGE sims fan. I mean HUGE! So this was a massive deal for me. It was actually well hard to do though, they sent through a syllable by syllable translation I had to sing over the instrumental. Took hours but was so much fun.

If you could re-work any song from Queensway Tunnel for another video game soundtrack, which song would it be and for which game?

Woahhh hard question! I always loved Diamond City Radio in Fall Out 4. Would love to do like a doo-wop 50’s version of ‘Never Again’.

You’ve also written music for Cartoon Network’s “Adventure Time: Distant Lands”, how does it feel to hear your tracks when you’re watching the TV?

Completely surreal. A few years ago was having Adventure Time themed birthday parties and I still have a subscription to the comic books and now here we are! MAD! How on earth does something like that even happen! Still can’t wrap my head around it. My favourite Cartoon in the entire history of the world. LOVE YOU ADVENTURE TIME!

What’s next on the agenda for you? Will you be playing any live shows in the future?

TOURRRRR! Going on big f**k off tour around the UK! I would highly recommend coming along! It’s gonna be like having a wine and doing karaoke with your mum and her best mate. (fun without judgment)

Finally, as a champion for women in music, at LOCK we like to ask if you have any advice for female artists trying to break into the industry?

Keep going, you’ve got this and we need you! 🙂

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Q&A: Zuzu
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