Moon Panda share the breezy single “Cloud Watching”

Danish/Californian dream pop duo Moon Panda share their new single “Cloud Watching”. Its a breezy single wrapped in the hazy tones that Moon Panda are best known for. Their elegance and guitar plucks offer a hint of psychedelia whilst maintaining their effortlessly indie pop roots.

“We spent a lot of time this last year trying to learn to skateboard cause we live right next to a skate park and skating looks so freeing. It’d be us slowly wobbling back and forth, and a bunch of 10 year olds just shredding like crazy. Watching these badass kids just going for it, dropping off into the bowl like it was nothing, kind of changed the way I approached my slow, quarantine days. There’s definitely somethign that you have more figured our when you’re young. An openness to doing something for the joy of it with no other motives. ‘Cloud Watching’ came out of that rediscovery of how satisfying it is to ger present and centrered in  your body. Whether it’s feeling the sun warm your face, feeling your stomach drop as you skate the bowl, feeling your muscles work and ried as you run or strech or climb/ Basically taking some cues from your inner kid and flowing with your intuition.”

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Moon Panda share the breezy single “Cloud Watching”
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