South-London-based artist MYSIE has been making a name for herself thanks to her collection of bold, progressive tracks. MYSIE expertly crafts emotive indie-soul tunes and the rising artist has already been awarded a prestigious Ivor Novello award for her work. To celebrate the forward-thinking musician signing to a new label (70Hz), we caught up with MYSIE and spoke about her forthcoming EP ‘Undertones’ and more.

Firstly, for new listeners, how would you describe your music? 

Intimate indie soul.

What or who inspires your sound? Do you take elements from your real life when writing music?

My main influences are Sampha, Thundercat and Moses Sumney.

I have grown up listening to a wide range of music from soul, r&b, electronic & alternative music. I always take elements from my real life when writing music. Songwriting about my experiences and life has always been a cathartic, healing and uplifting experience for me. Its always fun to look back at those experiences and how much I am still discovering. 

The first single to be released from Undertones, your up-coming EP, is Keep Up With Your Heart. Can you tell us what is the song  about?

Keep Up With Your Heart is about someone cheating on you. It’s really about letting go of a relationship and laying it all on the table.

We love the smooth tones of your voice. When did you realise your passion for music? Did your jazz musician Grandfather inspire you?

Sometimes I find it hard to pinpoint the actual time because I realised my passion was for music because there have been so many moments. I think the most life changing moment for me was at the age of 7 when I first realised – my parents got me my first electric piano and I cried with happiness. I still remember it so clearly to this day. I still use the same piano 18 years later. I met my grandad when I was super young, but Im definitely subconsciously inspired by his art for sure.

What was it like winning the Ivor Novello Rising Star Award last year? Tell us everything?

Truly an incredible achievement and amazing experience. Winning the Ivor Novello and getting the call was just unforgettable. My manager called me up on my way to a session and I knew something was up because she never calls me unannounced haha! Wish I could relive that moment over again!! 

We heard it was at the Novello Awards that you were introduced to Fraser T Smith, whos label youre now signed to, congratulations! What is he like as a producer?

Thank you! Well I got to know Fraser properly through our mentorship. Getting to know each other was a very key part to us working together. It felt so natural to be working together for the first time in his studio. Its always a safe, honest, open space when collaborating with Fraser, and he really gets me and what Im about. Super excited for you to hear the EP.   

You’re featuring on the upcoming FTS EP, is there anyone youre featuring alongside on that youre really excited about?

Yes! Joy crookes. Shes incredible, her tone, her songwriting is beautiful. Super excited to be alongside her on this EP!

We can imagine youre living life on a rollercoaster right now. How do you stay grounded  when youre making so many power moves?

What keeps me grounded is my roots. Remembering where Ive come from. Im always looking to progress and learn. Im still discovering myself, unravelling, recreating and changing day by day. 

What advice do you have for artists starting out in the music industry? Any lessons you can share that youve learned  along the way? 

Be patient. Be you. Enjoy the process. 

Lastly, for readers who want to check out more of MYSIE, where can they find you?

You can follow me on instagram, facebook and twitter @mmmmysie.

See you on the other side!

Watch the video for ‘Keep Up With Your Heart’ below:

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Featured image by Rosanna Jones

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