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Friedberg are an exciting new four-piece band based in London. The group is formed of austrian-born Anna Friedberg (writer, vocals, cowbell, guitar, and more cowbell), Emily Linden (guitar, vocals), Cheryl Pinero (bass, vocals) and Laura Williams (drums). Friedberg craft tunes that are experimental, upbeat and unapologetically fun.

To celebrate the release of their debut EP Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah, we caught up with Anna from the band to discuss all things music, London and more.

Hello, congratulations on your EP ‘Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah’ – how did it all come about and what inspired the title?

Thanks. I’ve been writing the songs for a longer period – it all started with a trip to Joshua Tree I did a while ago- that was before I even met the band.  I spent a while travelling through California and writing new music and find the sound for the new record. I then continued writing and producing in London and Berli. It’s been quite a trip! The title is my homage to English people who pretty much just say ‘yeah’ a million times in each sentence. Imagine you listened to a conversation between two British people at a bar. That’s more or less the title track on the EP.

How does living in London shape the Friedberg sound? and who would you say your biggest influences are?

I like the vibrant energy of  London – it really does inspire me to never stand still. Berlin, where I used to live before, never really gave me that feeling.  Check out my spotify Playlist Friedberg FM for inspiration- I’m constantly updating with stuff that inspires me musically. Other than that, life itself is the biggest inspiration.

Anna, you founded the band and act as the main lyricist and music writer for the group, how did you end up meeting Emily, Cheryl and Laura?

I met Emily in a bar and she introduced me to Laura, who was her flatmate. I bumped into Cheryl in South London in my favourite bar- she happens to speak German and was literally only living 5 minutes away from my former home there. We got on like a house on fire straight away!

When translated your name means ‘Peaceful mountain’. Where do you think this fits in with your sound as your music is lively and energetic – the total opposite of peaceful haha

Very true. But it’s also the name of my hometown in Austria, that’s why I chose it, although the fact that it’s the total opposite of the translation is also cool!

‘Midi 8’ which is off the new EP, is quite experimental and features a lot of cowbell (a very underrated percussion instrument). Are there any instruments that the band uses which you all feel aren’t used enough in modern music? 

Definitely the cowbell. And more cowbell.

What is one fun fact about each member of the band?

Emily and Laura could both be comedians. Cheryl is allergic to almost every food and I’m scared of balloons.

Are there any artists or bands that you can’t stop listening to right now?

Fontaines D.C., Sleaford Mods, Mattiel

Last year, your song ‘Go Wild’ was featured in the official FIFA 20 soundtrack (super cool!). If you could chose another of your songs to be on a soundtrack, which song would you chose and what would you want it to soundtrack?

Midi 8 in a Yorgos Lanthimos film.

‘Lizzy’ is about the experience of a night out in London – tell us about your experience…

I wrote ‘Lizzy’ on the way home from a crazy party in South-London. A friend of Cheryl (our bass player) was playing this really dark and interesting live-set at the party and suddenly some random lines of the poem by TS Eliot  “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” started to fly around my head. And Michelangelo was there too – just leaning against the wall, speaking to my friend and casually sipping on a Gin & Tonic…

Finally, what’s next for the band?

Rehearsing, tours, playing live as soon as we can!

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Q&A: Friedberg
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