KUČKA is a multitalented artist and producer based in LA. The fast rising artist first discovered her love of producing music back in her teen years, since then, the singer-songwriter has played in various bands and collaborated with the likes of SOPHIE, A$AP Rocky and Flume. Now, KUČKA is focusing on her forthcoming debut record ‘Wrestling’ and her own artistry.

We had a chat with KUČKA all about the debut record,  the ‘No Good For Me’ music video and influences.

How has it been creating music during the pandemic? 

Not much has changed for me, I’m used to creating alone or doing collabs over the internet so my process has remained largely the same.  In terms of content, this year has had me dreaming a little bit more and creating scenarios that are a bit more surreal or imagined.

Tell us about your forthcoming debut album ‘Wrestling’, what was the writing process like and what would you like your fans to get from the record?

The album was written at a time in my life when there was a lot of turmoil. There were many contradictions. I had just moved countries, so I was away from my close family and friends, but I had recently met my wife. I was writing alot but got really sick and couldn’t record properly for about a year. There was joy but also an equal amount of frustration and sadness.  I would love fans to be able to relate to the tracks and find comfort in the lyrics and tones.

What artists influence your music?

I usually get into YouTube/Spotify holes, where I’ll follow related tracks for hours on end. I think my influences are pretty eclectic because of this.   It makes it really hard to find a track afterwards, I end up going back through pages of internet history or sometimes just having to give up and let it be.

How would you describe your sound?

Introspective ambient electronic pop

What’s the inspiration behind the ’No Good For Me’ music video?

We were thinking about this idea of an energy vampire and how it can be so easy to get sucked into this cycle of using other people to selfishly fulfil your needs. Also I just wanted to dress up like a vampire since that seemed really fun.

Do you have any advice for women wanting to release music into the world?

There are a lot of communities online (and in person depending on where you live) that have super supportive environments for women or gnc artists to share ideas and music.  I have loved being involved in those spaces and would suggest they become active in these communities.

What’s something you want to achieve most in your music career?

I already get personally fulfilled from making music so I guess I would want to achieve a bit more financially.  Making enough money to afford a proper holiday twice a year would be amazing. Maybe, this is the aspiration to have a middle class income??

What can we expect from you the rest of this year?

I have a few fun collabs coming out and have been working on lots of new music too so there will be some more tunes coming after ‘Wrestling’ for sure.

KUČKA’s debut album, Wrestling, is out 30 April.

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