VISSIA’s ‘The Cliffs’ is a summery celebration of platonic love

We here at LOCK have been long-time fans of VISSIA since she started releasing tracks from her upcoming full-length, With Pleasure, in October of last year. Latest single, ‘The Cliffs’, has just dropped, and its made us even more excited to hear what this talented lady has in store…

‘The Cliffs’ is a track that is best enjoyed played blaring from a roofless car as you speed down a quiet highway. In lieu of that (and in light of covid restrictions), this track is nevertheless set to become a summer staple. That lazy bassline that comes grooving in at the beginning soon gives way to a laid back vocal, inspired perhaps by some of the neo soul and jazz revival of recent years. The chorus hits in double time, as VISSIA effortlessly reaches for sky-high notes whilst proclaiming her love for her friends.

The message of the song is that love and friendship can be found in the least likely of places, and at the precise moment that you aren’t looking for it. All you have to do is keep your mind and heart open.

‘The Cliffs’ is out now, with the rest of With Pleasure to follow on the 30th April 2021.

VISSIA’s ‘The Cliffs’ is a summery celebration of platonic love
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