Q&A: Liz Lawrence

Artist, multi-instrumentalist and producer Liz Lawrence is a staple for do-it-yourself musicians. Since teaching herself how to produce, Liz’s musicality has transcended the boundaries of her original capabilities to really expand her artistry and create music that is truly exciting. Ahead of her album release this September, we caught up with Liz to talk about the new album, building a studio from scratch and performing at All Points East this summer.

Hey Liz, can you sum up the last year in three words? 

Like TV dinners.

You moved back to the West Midlands last year and built a studio from scratch! That’s damn impressive. Tell us more about the studio?

It’s tucked away in the corner of the garden, it’s got 6 sides but was based on the internal angles of an octagon, from above its the shape of a coffin which is how it got its name. It’s black and yellow like Derek Jarman’s prospect cottage.

You finished writing your forthcoming new album The Avalanche at the studio, which is out this September – was it more cathartic to finish writing the album in a space that you’d built for yourself? 

Moving out of the city was about reclaiming space, I felt like space in London was prohibitively expensive, be it somewhere to live or somewhere to work. So taking the decision to go somewhere where I could own my space was so vital and empowering. I wrote the record in both London and the new studio so it feels like it has both of those energies in it.

What can we expect to hear from the album? 

Movement, colour, vibrancy and a hint of nihilistic humour.

“Down For Fun” is the first taster of the album and it’s a glorious single. How does it capture the emotions of the past year?

You know, I feel like I’ve rejected nostalgia all my life until we got locked down and I was just swimming about in the past because the future was so uncertain. So this song was born of those flash backs to things that had happened before, triggered in this instance by moving back to my home town where I’d not lived since I left school, but the middle 8 brings it into the present, owning that past and reframing it in the moment. Eventually I found it better to just live minute to minute.

You’re performing at All Points East this August. How excited are you to get back on stage and perform to people in real life?  

I think excitement is the word, plus a fair degree of trepidation, I won’t lie and say it’s not pretty wild and big to think about going back into the world of people and energy and noise, I think everyone is probably going to feel a bit mad but I also genuinely can’t wait to feel a kick drum echoing off the edges of a stage.

How does performing at a festival differ to your own tour? 

Festivals are always different because you’re never sure if anyone is going to really know or care about what you’re doing so you have to bring an extra energy to the performance and really throw it out.

Who else will you be checking out at All Points East this year? 

On the day I’m playing I’m excited to see Nadine Shah she was the last person I saw live at 6music festival before lockdown so it’ll be cool for her to mark the occasion of being on our way out of this hellhole 🙂

Thanks for talking to us!

My pleasure.

Liz Lawrence will be performing at All Points East this summer, you can catch her at the festival on Monday 30th August.

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Q&A: Liz Lawrence
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