Fallulah shares the dazzling release “Gemstoned”

Danish artist Fallulah shares the powerful new release “Gemstoned”. An explosive single that dazzles within the pop sphere, it’s a statement of intent to “break up with the classical hard masculine values, that are causing countless examples of people being destroyed by stress, anxiety and creating bad work environments”. Well said. Behind the track’s glamour, it unearths as a fiesty tune that makes you want to claim your space in the industry and thrive.

I’ve seen how harmful it is in the music business and felt it on a personal level too. The patriarchy and ‘Boys Clubs’ have ruled long enough, and it’s clear that it’s not benefitting the well-being of people or the planet.  We need more heart. We need to value art over profit.  By writing this song I hope to encourage us all to make room for a new way of life, where diversity and empathy rules. I believe we are ready for it.

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Fallulah shares the dazzling release “Gemstoned”
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