Cop Kid share the eerily nostalgic single “Reservoir Beach”

Utah duo Cop Kid share their new cut “Reservoir Beach”. The single offers the opportunity to step into a multicoloured universe of bright tones. Dwelling within pop intimacies, “Reservoir Beach” appears to include a dial-up tone (throwback) and feels eerily nostalgic whilst also honing on the feelings of being stuck in one place for a long time – kind of like the past year but soundtracked with a head-bopping happy-go-lucky whistling tune.

“We wrote this song about a reservoir that we both live by. It’s the summer spot that you go to and hang around, getting high with your friends. Utah is land locked so this the closest thing we have to a beach. Anyone who lives by the ocean would laugh at it. It’s not a lake or much of a beach, but it’s the closest thing we have. The song is a catchy pop tune about losing track of yourself and time and getting into the loop of aimlessness. It’s like that movie Groundhog Day- everyday kind of starts to feel the same, but you don’t really mind it too much.”

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Cop Kid share the eerily nostalgic single “Reservoir Beach”
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