Q&A: Iris

Norwegian artist, Iris, combines complex lyricism and vivid storytelling with a beautifully minimalistic soundscape.

Having just announced her forthcoming debut EP, A Sensitive Being, LOCK spoke to the up-and-coming musician.

You have three singles out in the world, How does it feel?

It feels amazing and also terrifying. it’s been so safe to keep my songs hidden on a soundcloud-playlist, and suddenly everyone is invited in to listen to it and feel something about it, and that is kind of scary.

Did the writing process differ for ‘Hanging Around You/crackers compared to your debut single ‘From Inside A Car’?

Yes, it was totally different. from inside a car was a very beautiful day with Askjell Solstrand, and it was something we made together and that became very special for the both of us. hanging around you/crackers I first wrote and produced by myself, before I involved Vesle Junker and Askjell Solstrand on it. and they did such amazing work on it.

How would you describe your sound?

Always difficult to describe or explain. it’s soft and honest, a mix of electronic and acoustic, minimalistic. warm and inviting.

Biggest musical influences?

Difficult to say only one, but I remember the first time I heard something and thought THIS is gold, and I was just blown away by her voice and music; L├ąpsley. I find her really fascinating.

Two successful artists from Norway are Sigrid and Aurora, as a Norwegian singer-songwriter yourself, what do you think are the main ingredients for breaking into the global market?

Those two girls, mm, they have all the ingredients, which I think is working extremely hard, talent of course, and that you have something you want to and need to say.

Can you tell us anything about the forthcoming EP?

It’s something i’m really proud of, and I can’t wait to release it. it’s 5 songs, and they are some of the first songs I made after I got involved with Made Management. for me it sums up some of my thoughts and feelings from the previous year. it’s a bit varied in sound, some RnB-vibes in there, at least one for the broken ones and one you can consider dancing to.

Tell us about your earliest memory of music, and when you realised that you wanted pursue music as a career…

I remember very clearly the first time I thought I’d found my favourite song, it was “here comes the sun” by The Beatles. I was sitting by the window in my room, and was listening to a Beatles-CD, and even though I’d heard that song before, it just suddenly hit me in a completely new way. it felt like some weird magic, and I felt warm and crazy happy. crazy and happy.

When I started writing music at the age of 13/14, it had evolved from the acapella songs I’d been making since forever, I still thought it was something that I was going to keep just for myself. it wasn’t until I started studying after high-school that I realised how and why I couldn’t focus on anything the professors were saying.

I couldn’t stop thinking about the music, I wanted to make and the cover art and the music videos, it became more and more vivid and I just told myself to go for it. and as I started working more and more with writing and creating music, I could see that it actually started to sound the way I wanted it to. and that was and still is the best feeling ever. when you sort of managed to translate a feeling or a thought into a piece of music.

Finally, What else do you have planned for the rest of the year?

Playing a lot of concerts, hopefully. Releasing more music. most of all i’m going to create more music and continue to work hard for this. Living the life, enjoying the sun, and the rain.

Iris’ debut EP is out April 10th. Listen to the lead single below.

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Featured image by Kenny McCracken.

Q&A: Iris
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