Q&A: Maya Killtron

Canadian artist, Maya Killtron, recently unveiled the undeniably funky single ‘Red Dress’. Alongside this, Maya’s new album, Never Dance Alone, is out this Friday! 

So to celebrate, LOCK asked the multi-instrumentalist a few questions…

Hi Maya, congratulations on the release of your new single, ‘Red Dress’, tell us about the creative process behind it?

For this song and the album we just focused on making the music fun, upbeat, dance-y, even if the subject matter was dark. The concept was “dance through your problems”. You still have to face them, so why not do it dancing?

The single addresses the hardships of dating another musician, do you find it hard writing about personal subjects? Or do you try to put yourself in another person’s shoes when writing?

I think it’s 50/50. You have to draw on your own experiences for authenticity but you do have to put a spin on things so it can be relatable. It’s not hard to write about personal things, maybe a bit embarrassing at times but it’s really helpful for me. I’m lucky to have an outlet for my feelings. Not everyone has that.

As an accomplished vocalist, DJ, and violinist, what or who inspired you to pursue music in the first place?

My violin teacher instilled in me a love of music. Through her I was able to see what you could do with a music on a broader spectrum. Also, studying violin teaches you that even if you try real hard, you may not succeed at all (or make the instrument sound good) so keep trying forever and maybe something will work out eventually, maybe. A bit dark? Yes, but I think that set me up to survive in this industry and to work hard for life.

Dream musical collaboration?

Chromeo, Chaka Khan and/or Stevie Wonder.

Your new album, Never Dance Alone, is out this Friday, are there any particular tracks you are excited for fans to hear?

Red Dress is a big one. It’s something that was a long time coming so I’m so excited that she’s out in the world.

Being based in Canada, how challenging would you say it is to get your music heard by a global audience?

I could write an entire dissertation on this so I’ll just keep it short. The Canadian market is very insular and has a ceiling. That’s not to say that we don’t have extremely successful, world-renowned artists BUT it is challenging to develop followings outside of Canada and then travel to them. I want to get out of my own back yard, reach audiences and travel. It’s just a grind and you can never stop working.

Describe your sound in three words…

Boogie, Funk, Fun!

If you weren’t in music, what do you think you would be doing career-wise?

I enjoy the business side of the music industry so if I weren’t able to make music, I would certainly find a role as a manager or start a label. If I had to walk away from music entirely I would love to go back to Uni, study Medieval & Renaissance European History and devote myself to teaching. Really.

Finally, are there any plans to tour the UK this year?

That is the hope! We’re looking at Fall/Winter to get over to you.

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Q&A: Maya Killtron
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