EP Review: ‘Plan B’ by Hollie Carmen

Hollie Carmen has launched her heartfelt EP into the world. Plan B is a collection of four beautiful songs which tells a heartbreaking story of love and heartache. Each track offers a different vibe, showcasing the cleverness and wit of her craft. It’s seriously impressive.

‘Plan B’ kick-starts the EP with a hip-hop beat and melodic guitar twangs, enriched by electronic textures. Comparatively, the vocals sound reminiscent of Lily Allen or Laura Marling. Hollie worked with musician and producer, Oscar Scheller on this track, adding a nostalgic feeling to the track.

‘Never Thought I’d Be That Girl’ is slower and more personal, it comes from the heart. This song demonstrates how Hollie can expertly control her vocals, it’s beautiful. You can hear her accent come through as she sings, giving the lyrics more conviction. Even though the lyricism isn’t upbeat, the song most certainly is, giving it a feel good summer vibe.

Opening with tranquil piano, ‘The Way’ featuring Aaron Unknown, soon springs into action. Emitting a noughties R&B influence, the vocals, percussion, and rap segment all blend together nicely.

‘This Song’ is undoubtedly the most emotive piece of songwriting on the EP. A minimalistic approach is taken on the track, with only a sombre guitar rhythm being predominately used.  ‘This Song’ heavily emphasises on Hollie’s breathtaking vocal harmonies, and in all honesty, that is all it needs. It is a captivating tune to close the EP.

Each song written for this EP is persuasive and believable. With a seemingly upbeat approach to songwriting, even when exploring melancholy based themes, you can’t help but feel the energy and passion behind each song.

Hollie Carmen has managed to cleverly create an EP which is made up of old sounds and influences but still feels completely fresh. The Plan B EP showcases the artist’s impressive vocals and songwriting ability. With soft tones and stunning harmonies, this EP ultimately proves she is an artist you need to keep an eye on.

Plan B by Hollie Carmen is out now.

EP Review: ‘Plan B’ by Hollie Carmen
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