Q&A: Brooke Telling

We spoke to Suffolk-based Singer-songwriter Brooke Telling about her upcoming EP, playing Latitude Festival and music.

Hey Brooke, tell us a little bit about your upcoming EP.

Hey! The upcoming EP is a solo EP. Each song is written about or for someone. I hope that people, when listening, can relate to my songs. A couple of the songs have been written collaboratively with lyricist Sarah Waspe. I was lucky enough to meet Sarah after a gig in Ipswich when she approached me with some lyrics she had written. At this point I had not written a song myself, so this was very much the start of my song writing. I’m very grateful for Sarah as she was an inspiration to get me started. The songs on the EP range from the first song I wrote to my most recently completed song.

What’s your creative process when songwriting?

For me the song writing process happens in one of two ways. Sometimes I will come up with a chord progression I like and start messing around with lyric ideas by singing over the top. Or, I have lyrical ideas which I try to match with a musical idea. For example, when song writing with Sarah we talk about what sort of feeling we want the song to have. Then I go away and play around with different ideas, send them to Sarah and see what she thinks.   

You’re based in East Anglia, what’s the music scene like at the moment?

The music scene seems to be getting bigger and better in East Anglia. There’s a lot of opportunities for new artists wanting to showcase their music. Most pubs and music venues in the area are hosting open mic nights either weekly or monthly. A personal favourite of mine is the open mic night at The Brook Inn in Washbrook; and at my local pub The Case Is Altered in Bentley. There’s also events such as Emerge at the John Peel Centre for upcoming artists. Events like these are always full of talent and a fun atmosphere. 

Ipswich Music Day is a massive event for the region, which takes place in July. This year the band performed on the Grapevine Stage and I was extremely lucky to have had my picture on the front page of that month’s Grapevine Magazine.

What’s your favourite music venue in the East?

One of my favourite music venues is The Three Wise Monkey’s in Colchester because it has a great range of music going on there and it’s busy! The John Peel Centre is also great because it has a range of creative events going on, not just music related. 

What artist are you listening to the most at the moment?

I am obsessed with Paolo Nutini at the moment! I can’t stop listening to his music. I love his voice and just the simplicity of the things he writes about. I wish I could see him perform live, but it seems he hasn’t toured in a while. I’ve also been listening to Kings of Leon; especially the album Only By The Night. It’s a great album to listen to while driving! Closer to home, I’ve been listening to Bessie Turner. She’s a big inspiration at the moment. 

Tell us about your performance at this year’s Latitude Festival, how did you find it?

Latitude was incredible. I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity to perform. The stage was set in the woods, which made for a beautiful location to perform. I performed with the band, and Latitude was our second performance all together, which was really special. I was also lucky enough to do a live session and interview with Georgy Jamieson of BBC Radio Suffolk, which was broadcasted later that day. As a result of Latitude the band was also featured on BBC Look East that evening. It was my first ever time at the festival too! I had never been, even just for the day.   

Can we catch you live some time soon?

 I am going to have an EP release show, so keep an eye on my social media for when that will be.

Finally, what’s on the horizon for Brooke Telling?

More recently I have been performing with two other musicians: Matt Barwick on guitar and Adam Wright on bass guitar. Our next step is to expand the band with a drummer. Then we would like to get recordings done as a band to release in the future.

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Q&A: Brooke Telling
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