Meet AMA, the 19-year-old powerhouse from West London.

She is a force to be reckoned with, mixing beats, clever lyrics and catchy melodies – this EP is full of them.

Screenluv is AMA’s debut EP and features the producers Karma Kid, Jarreau Vandal and Pasque.

The six songs on the EP are each a love letter to relationships in the digital age, and are “love songs from a millennial point of view.” They are about communicating with the person you love through your phone and they allude to the sense of insecurity you feel when you haven’t seen one another in a while or are looking forward to just speaking to them. Each track is a story you can relate to in a multitude of different ways.

Screenluv brings a unique type of musical energy to the industry and this is just a taste of what AMA has to offer the world of music; brilliantly written tracks and a strong voice which we think could lend itself to an unlimited number of genres.

“Yes I will come through” is a perfect lyric to summarise the first song on the EP, ‘Destination’. Her newly found confidence shines through with commanding vocals during the multi-layered tune.

‘Cluttered Mind’ slows the pace down with an electronic hip-hop beat and soothing vocals.

Previous singles ‘Crystal’ and ‘Real’ also feature on the songwriter’s debut body of work.

And after just one listen, it becomes clear that ‘Crystal’ remains one of AMA’s most accomplished releases to date and will continue to grab attention. The trumpets on the track are a treat to the ear and the tune’s energy is absolutely infectious. You will want it on repeat from the moment you leave the house.

A standout track on the EP is the grooving and Beyoncé-esque tune ‘Onto Something’ which, instrumentally, dips and rises through a flow of soothing synths and waves of mesmeric sonics.

‘Distance’ closes the EP in spectacular fashion thanks to its euphoric choruses.

AMA has a clever way of writing, creating addictive songs that you can’t help but want to move to. Screenluv has showcased AMA’s continual improvement and has built upon what she achieved with her debut soulful track ‘Monochrome’ which released last year.

With the release of her first EP, AMA has confirmed that she is one of the most exciting new artists around.

Check out Screenluv, streaming on Spotify now.

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