Album review: Yes, It’s About You by Calica

Having made a name for herself these last few years as a forward-thinking and adventurous individual in the pop scene, Miami-born singer and songwriter CALICA now looks to cement her legacy as the breath of fresh air that she is with her debut album Yes, It’s About You.

Having been a proficient singer and pianist since the age of six, CALICA has developed a sound that looks to add lashings of irreverence to the normally glossy and over-produced pop market. Coupling a commercially friendly direction with bold and exciting production has been the hallmark of her career to date, resulting in tens of thousands of streams online and comparisons to Jessie Ware and Monogem.

Produced by Grammy nominated artists SMLE, Yes, It’s About You sees her take on the topics of love, loss and self-empowerment, and wrap it all up in a wave of euphoric and enticing electro-pop that also manages to pay homages to her influences in the 80s synth-pop scene.

Speaking about her motivation behind the new record, she said: “This album means so much to me. When I wrote these songs I was lost, I was hurt, and I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. I was freshly out of a three-year relationship and FULL of some real life inspiration from events that transpired during and after that breakup. Yes, It’s About You is actually not just about one person, it’s about a handful of people (lovers, friends, ex-lovers, ex-friends) who really affected me during that time in my life. I think the title of the album is also really fitting because, in the end, all of these songs are about me. They’re essentially a time capsule of how I processed my emotions at the time, and it’s really amazing to see how much I’ve grown as a songwriter and as a person since writing them.”

CALICA’s debut LP is bright and unapologetic, we’re going to have it on repeat again and again.

Standout tracks: ‘Bitch’, ‘Sometimes’, ‘Goodbye’.

CALICA’s debut album Yes, It’s About You is available to stream and download now.

Album review: Yes, It’s About You by Calica
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