Releasing her five-track EP ‘Colours’ today, Lizzie Hillesdon aka Pixey has crafted an elegant memoir of life stories backed by intricate pop melodies. We sat down with the elegant artist ahead of her EP release and chatted all things guitars, Northern influences and her go-to song for crying.

Hey Pixey, how do you feel now that “Supersonic Love” is out in the world? 

Hey LOCK! Total excitement! I’ve been sitting on this track for ages and really couldn’t wait for you all to hear it as I feel like it’s a small part of myself that I couldn’t wait to share.

The track features some seriously cool guitar melodies, what’s your first memory of playing? 

My first memory playing the electric guitar is the day my knock off Epiphone from Amazon came in the post. I learnt how to play the same day I started writing songs, which is why a lot of my melodies are looped guitar riffs (as that was all I could play!). My guitar melodies evolved from there really, as my skills got more advanced.

You’ve played the likes of The Great Escape, Live At Leeds and Liverpool Sound City, what’s been your favourite festival to play so far? 

I enjoyed all those festivals, but my favourite I’ve played to date has to be Highest Point fest in Lancaster. That’s such a lovely memory for me. I was playing the BBC Introducing stage and the audience filled out right before my set. I remember my band and I were on such a high.

The music scene in the North of England has always had an incredible reputation, how has it influenced your sound? 

I feel very grateful to have grown up in the North of England, and to have spent a lot of my time in Liverpool especially. Merseybeat bands have always had a huge influence on my music, but I’d say I’m mainly influenced by the 90’s music scene the most. You can definitely hear it in my guitar riffs and drum samps.

What Northern artists should we be adding to our playlist? 

Add yourself some new releases, including the bedroom artists! Pizzagirl is a good place to start. He writes, records and produces his music too, and is great if you enjoy 80’s synthpop. Another really great bedroom artist is Brad Stank, definitely get him on your playlist. And finally check out Zuzu! She’s a real example of what you can achieve as a solo female artist and her tunes are so so catchy.

Here at LOCK, we’ve been lucky enough to have a preview listen to your upcoming EP and it’s a vibrant collection of songs. Are you excited to release it? 

I’m not sure excited is even the word at this point. I am ecstatic to share these first few songs for anyone that wants to hear them. This EP is the first wave of a whole load of songs I can’t wait to share in the future.

Okay – quickfire… What’s your go-to song for:


Babooshka – Kate Bush.


I don’t run but if I did I can imagine it would be Remember Me by Blue Boy or something.


3 Feet High and Rising by De La Soul – the whole album on tape


Come to Me – Björk


Aretha, Sing One For Me – Cat Power.

Girls night?

Any George Michael song.

And finally, where can we catch you live next? 

Keep an eye on my socials – I have some exciting live things to announce very soon.

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