Llynks reveals haunting new single ‘Slow Burn’

A talented soloist, who takes inspiration from the dystopian worlds of science fiction, has today released her haunting new single. Llynks – aka Sara Kendall – has dropped the otherworldly ‘Slow Burn’, which is taken from her forthcoming debut album, Become The Root.

The Normadic artist, who grew-up in Massachusetts, is distinguishable due to her introspective lyricism, which is once again prevalent on her newest release. Llynks uses ‘Slow Burn’ to explore themes of empowerment and self-preservation through ethereal vocals medicines and over stuttering synth sounds.The four-minute track also harbours gothic undertones, but the head-nodding beats give it a mainstream quality.

Speaking about the track, Llynks said: ‘’’Slow Burn’ is about flailing through my 20s – moving from one thing to the next and cutting ties.‘’It’s like that long, emotional tail that relentlessly extends through the comings and goings of relationships.’’

Listen to ‘Slow Burn’ below.

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Llynks reveals haunting new single ‘Slow Burn’
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