SINGLE: ‘Break, Drift’ by Laura Gray

What do you get if you mix dreamy pop synths, folkish melodies, and some slinking saxophone?

Answer – ‘Break, Drift’ by Laura Gray, the first single from the upcoming EP Better Lighting.

The track begins with some soft synth layers and some hopeful, new wave indie guitar lines, before Laura’s soft vocal carries us through the first verse.

As the track progresses, more synth sounds are added, pushed along by a driving heartbeat kick drum.

The overall record is juxtaposed nicely – it is driving and optimistic, yet tinged with heartbreak, and the light and shade of this track intermix perfectly on the melancholic saxophone lines following the tension-building guitars of the chugging breakdown.

The climactic, saxophone-based interval gives way to a percussionless release, with meandering reverb drenched guitar and saxophones weaving around chordal synths playing out the final verses.

The track displays a distinctive array of influences which, by pointing each instrument firmly in each direction, leads to a stronger and more distinct whole sound, all crafted together in a nice touch of classic songwriting penmanship.

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SINGLE: ‘Break, Drift’ by Laura Gray
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