Releasing a track called ‘Love Sucks’ on Valentines Day is a statement and a half. But Canadian artist MELANIE? hits reset on what happily ever after really means. We caught up with her on the loved-up weekend to catch her thoughts on love and music.

Can we call it an anti-valentines day track?

In one-way it is because I’m putting out a song called LOVE SUCKS on Valentine’s Day, but in another it’s not! I love LOVE now because I FINALLY LOVE MYSELF PROPERLY AND THEREFORE I LOVE OUTWARDLY PROPERLY. So it’s not that I was against love when I wrote the song. It was really that love sucks when you don’t love yourself first.

Tell us more about the inspiration behind the single.

I’m always inspired by my own life experiences and want to share what happens to me so that I can hopefully inspire change and empower other women and other people to make changes within their own lives. These are my own stories and my own life laid out on the paper.

Your music is very empowering and about self-love, what’s the key to loving yourself?

The key is to keep getting up every day knowing that life is not perfect, and we all are not perfect, but we have to treat each other better and we have to do better in this world. Do your best and keep moving forward even if it’s just little by little.

“Love Sucks” is very guitar-heavy, it’s great to see women making insanely good guitar music – is there any one in particular that inspires you and your music?

I’m inspired by the greats from Kurt Cobain, Amy, Janis, Zeppelin, Tedeschi Trucks Band to Leon Bridges, Marcus King.

What else can we expect from you this year?

Tons of new music and tons of shows.

Finally, are you a Valentines or a Galentines day kind of girl?

I’m an everything type of girl. I tell my boyfriend and my friends and family I love them everyday, you don’t know when the last time you’ll say I love you to anyone is. Make every moment count.

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