Listen: Emma Miller releases new single ‘Honey’

A SENSATIONAL soloist has released her brand new single, and it’s a cathartic and melodic masterpiece.

Emma Miller is a singer-songwriter who has slowly been grafting away behind the scenes, readying and perfecting a unique collection of tracks.

She has now unveiled the first of this catalogue of singles to the world, and it is more than a promising start.

Entitled ‘Honey’, the four-minute release is a cool and collected slow-burner, driven by piano chords and light drumbeats.

Over intricate guitar lines and delectable harmonies, Emma’s stunning vocals gently weave between every note and lyric.

Speaking about the track, Emma said: “‘Honey’ is a song that’s taken on a life of its own.

“It began as a cathartic release following a break-up, but getting some space and distance from that time in my life I can now hear that the lyric is relevant to so many different contexts outside of a typical romantic relationship.

“Whatsmore, I got to work on this song with friends and what had stemmed from a place of heartache became such a joyful and uplifting experience creating music with my mates.”

Listen to ‘Honey’ now:

Listen: Emma Miller releases new single ‘Honey’
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