American artist UPSAHL, is making a name for herself thanks to her infectious alt-pop sound. We caught up with the fast-rising artist to discuss her latest single ‘People I Don’t Like’, co-writing a track for Dua Lipa and more.

What was the main inspiration behind creating music?

My dad.  He was in punk bands and we had a band room in our house, so I got exposed to music at a really young age. It quickly became the only thing I was good at or wanted to do.

Is there anything that you’ve recently discovered about yourself during the quarantine period?

Haha! Soooo much. I think the biggest thing is that I’m more of an extrovert than I thought I was. All I want to do is get drunk at a bar with my friends right now.

What is the inspiration behind the name ‘UPSAHL’?

Upsahl is my last name, so when I was thinking of an artist name, it felt the most authentic to me. My family has also played a huge roll in my music, so using our last name feels like a little shout out to them too.

What was going through your head when creating ‘People I Don’t Like’?

I wrote it with my friends Jonny Shor and Will Jay during Grammy week in LA. I had just gotten to the session from a music industry event, and I was drunkenly ranting about how fake the parties were, and that everyone there was fake for even going. And then I realized that I was also at the party, so I was just as bad as them – ha!

What was the process of co-writing ‘Good in Bed’ for Dua Lipa’s Future Nostalgia album?

I started the idea for Good In Bed with Melanie Fontana and Lindgren, and then Dua heard it, and finished it up with dope ass producers,Take A Daytrip. It still feels so surreal that I’m even a part of her album.

How important is social media to you in terms of connecting with fans, especially over the isolation period?

I think social media is more important now than ever, especially because it’s really our only way of interacting with people right now. Going into quarantine, my biggest concern was not being able to connect with my fans on the road. Meeting everyone and hanging out at shows is my favorite part of what I do, so I make sure I’m always keeping in touch with my fans through social media, always keeping my DM’s open, etc. I feel like I have an even stronger connection with my fans now because of it.

What would the ultimate dream collaboration be?

Doja Cat. I fucking love her.

How did you break into the industry and are there any advice you would give to any up and coming young female musicians?

The music scene in Phoenix was really supportive of me and gave me a local platform that eventually lead me to my team. For me, it was really about my hometown community. Everybody’s got opinions, but if you know yourself, and your music and are secure in that, don’t let anyone try to change it.

Is there a particular music festival/venue that you would love to perform at in future?

I’d play any festival or any venue right now, because I miss touring so much haha! It would be sick to play Glastonbury, of course.

When can we expect new music or a debut album?

My new EP comes out very very soon and then hopefully after that there will be an album.

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