President Street’s ‘Something to Believe’ lock down music video has dropped!

Electronic-pop duo President Street (Pete Moses and Ruby) have already had their Japanese touring plans disrupted due to Covid-19 and now it has caused them to change plans for the official music video for their latest single ‘Something To Believe’.

Presented by One Generation with help from Shaun Xiang and Peter Nathan, President Street had to shoot the entire music video using their phones during Covid-19 lockdowns and they are pleased to release the finished project. 

Opening with a honeyed acapella vocal from Ruby, the trip-hop beat kicks in with a synth tone which will remind listeners of a lovely track by American artist Sara Bareilles entitled ‘Hold My Heart’ from her ‘Kaleidoscope Heart’ album. 

Black and white filter settings are primed for Ruby’s closeup shots, but then the screen fills with colour once Ruby physically gets outside into a car and the open air. Perhaps the change in phone filters represents freedom as Ruby sings “I never knew I needed something to believe” when referencing a toxic relationship. 

In conclusion, President Street could have just written off the idea of creating a music video during a global pandemic but that is not the type of people they are and they worked round it with an alternative idea which actually feels more personal. A quality idea well executed. 

President Street’s latest single ‘Something To Believe’ is out now. 

President Street’s ‘Something to Believe’ lock down music video has dropped!
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