Latifa shares the powerful new single “Losing You”

Ermerging Birmingham-based pop artist Latifa shares her new single “Losing You”. A heartfelt single wrapped in glamourous lo-fi sonics, the track’s power lies within the intimate lyricism. Following a slow-burning guitar melody, the track’s bedroom pop origins transform into a rousing single the bittersweet feeling of first love.

My first ever experience with love was when I was in my teens,” Latifa explained. “I think when you’re that young, you have no idea what love means, or what it means to be loved. I used to think that if a guy called me cute, that was love. I was always bright, fun and colourful, but I met someone who didn’t seem to like that. I thought that loving someone meant I had to change and morph into the person they wanted me to be. I tried to change myself and dim my light hoping that he would like me more, but that only made me feel like I was never good enough.”

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Latifa shares the powerful new single “Losing You”
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