Sophie Egan releases the pop single “High School”

San Fran’s Sophie Egan releases the glittering pop single “High School”. With glimmering guitar lines and stellar vocals, the single is an ode to making forever friends in your youth. It’s cutesy lyricism and relatable storytelling makes for an infectious listen.

“To me, the song High School is really about the few forever friends I made in high school that I am still close with today. When I think back on high school, I am so happy to be done with it and be on to bigger things. I don’t miss high school itself and all the typical drama that comes with it, but I do miss the few important friends I made there. Even when things got toxic or stressful in school, we had each other. Once you are out of high school, everyone scatters.”

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Sophie Egan releases the pop single “High School”
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