Eloise Viola shares the power anthem “Trying To Love Ya”

London-based singer-songwriter Eloise Viola releases her groovy “Trying To Love Ya”. A track laced with a disco-fuelled bass line, “Trying To Love Ya” showcases Viola’s incredibly powerful vocals. Written about the importance of loving yourself, the single is a self-care anthem to embrace ourselves in the way that we want others to. Grab your hairbrush and get ready to sing this in the mirror at any given opportunity.

“We live in a world where we are bombarded by images of beautiful people, most of which have had surgery, retouch and edit their photos, which often leads to us comparing ourselves negatively. ‘Trying To Love Ya’ is a song about how difficult it is to love yourself in the face of this, when it can feel like everything is telling you that you’re not good enough, in order to sell you the remedy. My own journey with self-love and my body image started with learning to challenge and overcome the negative thoughts and beliefs that pop into my head, and this song is about that struggle, and highlights the importance of knowing that the way you speak to yourself is important.”

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Eloise Viola shares the power anthem “Trying To Love Ya”
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