EP Review | Becky CJ’s “Woman”

Intimate and mesmerising but also deeply personal – Becky CJ’s newest EP ‘Woman’ captures the beautiful realness of relationships, romance and being a woman.

The EP offers the opportunity to revisit ‘Losing Your Perspective’ and ‘I Think I’m In Love With My Best Friend.’ Whilst also introducing us to two brand new songs ‘Woman’ and ‘I Could Never Love The Same.’ Through this EP we are taken on four beautifully honest journeys, as the South London-based artist demonstrates her immense talent for storytelling through her music.

The first track on the EP is the striking ‘Losing Your Perspective.’ A glitchy alternative pop number, with a catchy beat. ‘Losing Your Perspective’ incorporates Becky’s delicate layered vocals with dark and edgy electronic undertones, which combined, create the sensation of losing your grip on reality.

The second song on the EP is ‘I Think I’m in Love With My Best Friend.’ A strikingly honest piano balled as Becky recognises the romantic feelings she felt for her best friend. The frankness of the lyrics is significant of the stark realisation she felt. She allows herself to be completely vulnerable which gives an understanding of the deep-rooted emotion held within the lyrics.

The EP also introduces us to two newly released songs ‘Women’, and ‘I Could Never Love The Same.’

‘Women’ delivers angelic harmonies, vocal summersaults and an element of musical theatre. Becky sings against a delicate piano backdrop, ‘she is a daughter but a woman first, she’s an explorer but a woman first, and she’s a lover but a woman first…’ Reflecting the many different roles a woman plays in her life and the beautiful complexities that accompany the role.

The final track ‘I Could Never Love The Same’ is said to ‘look at the adaptability and intensity of an ever-growing love in a relationship.’ It has a dreamy melody which picks up pace and develops into a catchy beat, making you want to press repeat over and over again. A truly beautiful song.

Speaking about the EP Becky says “The EP is the end of chapter for me. I have got to know myself inside out over the last 2 years whilst writing and completing these songs and feel I have been truly honest and open in my song writing for the first time.” 

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EP Review | Becky CJ’s “Woman”
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